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A quick payroll run? Not a chance! Proper payroll accounting requires patience and professional know-how. Our experienced WKG employees are familiar with the current deadlines, social security contributions and tax rates and know all the advantages of the legislation. Don’t waste time or money and leave the calculations and everything that goes with it to us!

Payroll accounting

We prepare your monthly payroll – reliably, correctly and quickly. Simplify your daily business and create important capacities for your company!

Social insurance

The WKG Group is your additional assurance when it comes to social insurance! Because no matter whether pension insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, accident insurance and nursing care insurance – we take into account all obligatory contributions and provide a competent check of the codes/formulas.

Income tax

As a special form of income tax, payroll tax is not a separate type of tax. We will gladly help you with the submission of all necessary payroll tax data and take care of the on-time payment.


Which employee costs how much? Who is often sick and who still has vacation days free? Thanks to our business management evaluations and personnel cost overview, you know. Get sound arguments for all decisions in the area of personnel!

Working time accounts

With a working time account, employees can allocate their own working time. There is no room for doubt: the work actually performed is precisely offset against the working time stipulated in the employment contract or collective agreement.


Are you tired of chasing after employees or institutes? Good decision – leave this tedious work to the WKG Group! We take care of all bureaucratic company matters and organize work certificates, sick pay certificates, earnings certificates for housing law purposes, interim certificates and much more!

“While you put your energy into your core business, we diligently handle your payroll.”

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Further benefits of our payroll accounting

We see ourselves as more than just an accountant in human resources. As a strong partner, we would like to support you comprehensively with our experience and our qualified employees and optimize company processes. Take advantage of all the benefits of the WKG Group now!

Advantages of payroll accounting

  • Maintenance of personnel master data
  • Management of annual payroll accounts
  • Fulfillment of statutory reporting requirements (DEÜV reports, health insurance contribution statements and payroll tax reporting)
  • Creation of DTA files and posting documents for financial accounting

Advantages of our reporting system

  • Analyses of sickness, vacation, special payments (bonuses, Christmas bonus, etc.)
  • Vacation statistics and statistics on fluctuation
  • Post-calculations of analysis results for comparison with target calculations
  • Fast processing of obligatory data surveys of the Federal Statistical Office

Advantages of our working time accounts

  • Better work-life balance for your employees
  • Any number of employees
  • Overview of too much and too little work done
  • Including vacation, sickness, overtime, etc.
  • Written and electronic backup of all data

In-house working method

In order to be able to answer all your questions at any time, we deploy our employees directly in your company. At the same time, you have insight into all data and can easily access your payroll accounting.

0.0 Sick days or vacation days

Absence days or bottlenecks? No such thing with us! In case of illness or vacation, your WKG employee will be seamlessly replaced by a competent colleague.

Always up-to-date

Our experts keep abreast of new regulations affecting payroll accounting on a daily basis. This means you can focus on your core business and don’t have to deal with bureaucratic red tape.

Clever IT tools

Only when all processes are supported by the right software can efficient payroll accounting take place. We therefore only go about our work with state-of-the-art technology and programs that make our day-to-day work much easier.

15 years of business experience

As a full-service company, we have already worked with a wide variety of industries! We know exactly what is important in the individual areas and also constantly further our education.

Achieve great things together!

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